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Essential Oil Diffuser - 300 ml

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  • Constant & Consistent Aroma: With a patented oil flow system, an essential oil diffuser brings consistent scent & aromatherapy around your room with one fill, no need to add essential oil continually for long-lasting aroma
  • Patented Essential Oil Tube Design: Add essential oils to the special essential oil tube until it starts spreading on the water; after power on, the essential oil will constantly diffuse into the water to scent your space
  • Quiet Operation: Adopted patented noise reduction technology, ultrasonic diffuser operates quietly with no water dripping sounds, creates a restful and soothing environment for undisturbed relaxation, learning, working and sleeping
  • 2 Mist Outputs: Large 300ml capacity releases a soothing fragrant mist for up to 8 hours; press power button to tailor the mist output (High Mist: 60ml/h, Low Mist: 30ml/h) to your preference
  • Superior Safe: BPA-free diffuser combined with waterless auto-off function, will automatically shut down when the water runs out, safe for overnight use

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cute looking functional diffuser

We looked at multiple diffuser and humidifiers to see which one will fit for using essential oil to make house smell good. Though humidifiers were more enticing that it will serve dual purpose but it was too big to run for short period of time that means washing and maintaining will become difficult. So we decided for Diffuser. But most of the diffusers were too small to run for whole night without stopping. Evenually after lot of analysis we zeroed in this one and we have been happy for the size of water capacity tank. Also, it is not too big for cleaning and maintaining. As it has a separate refil area for essential oil, it was a better utilization of the essential oil.

Nice quality diffuser

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I really like this diffuser. I keep it next to my son's bed, because the smell of essential oils helps him rest better. I run it all night. It's quiet, and let's out a nice amount of steam. He even said that he can smell the essential oils better than the last diffuser he had, and I have not switched brand of oils. I bought a second one for my other son's room. I would definitely recommend!

Essential oil diffuser with great design and wonderful results!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Essential oil diffuser with great design and wonderful results! this oil diffuser works very well and is easy to use, all I need to do is get some water and my favourite essential oil to make it work wonders, it was simple to set up and get it to work in almost no time! it is very quiet and I could feel the scent of my lavender oil in the whole room, making it relaxing and welcoming!The light is a great feature that lets this oil diffuser work as a night light too!

Love it! Love it! Love it!

I definitely recommend this product. I was looking for a diffuser that made NO noise - this is perfect! I suffer from migraines and needed one that was ultra quiet and the light feature could be turned off (my headaches make me sensitive to noise and light). So easy to use. I love that it has 3 timers to choose from. It also has 3 mist levels - high, low, intermittent. It is so much better than those at a higher price point. A GREAT purchase!

Amazing diffuser!!

I LOVE this diffuser! My previous diffuser only lasted 3 hours on high, but this one lasted for a full 6+ hours! The size is perfect for my desk at work, and I love that I can change colors for each season of the year to color coordinate with my desk decorations, or to set the mood for a peaceful atmosphere and aroma in the office. My only suggestion is to add oil to the reservoir AND some oil straight into the water if you want more fragrance. I can't say enough good things about this product... it's quiet, has different colored lights to choose from, it's easy to clean, you can choose low or high mist, the smell doesn't fade after 6+ hours.... this was one of my best purchases and I've been recommending it to my other coworkers!