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Essential Oils Gift Set - 6 Pack

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  • A must-have for any Room, Home & Kitchen, Also highly recommended for professional environments such as. Doctors Offices, Massage Facilities, SPA & BEAUTY Salons, Wellness Centers, and Chiropractic Offices.
  • Set of 6 Therapeutic Oils include some of the Most Popular and in-demand Essential Oils. This incredible Gift Set includes. Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemongrass & Sweet Orange.
  • Each box includes 6 Amber Brown Bottles - 10Ml with Dropper. The dark bottle will help keep the oils fresh and also guard against light degradation. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. freshening up the scent of a room and setting the aroma to the desired mood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love love love it

I really like the product. It came in a box ( looks so nice) and there are 6 sents essentials oils. I just use the lavender and lemon grass. The smell is amazing. I bought the diffuser not too long ago, and I’ve been using it everyday. It makes my home smell so good

Great price/product

I do not use these oils in a diffuser/humidifier, so can't confirm if scent is strong or not, using those devices.. I use on my skin.. I have used only the peppermint so far, which is an amazing pain reliever of headaches/neck aches/backaches.. all scents are strong when using in a roller ball bottle.. great price for the 5 bottles and each fit just right in a roller ball bottle. I would definitely order this product again.

Lovely package, great scent, well sealed

Arrived packed in plastic, i was worried package may have been damaged because my delivery package had a whole in it and i could smell the aroma of the oils, i was happy to see the box was sealed all six of the oils safely tucked in with no spills. I was amazed i could smell them through the packaging! I am excited to use these for Migraine, nausea therapy, hair treatment, facials and so much more!

I was comfortable with what I paid for it

The aroma given off of these are absolutely incredible! I've tried cheaper brands and have been around more expensive brands, but I must say that these oils are the one for me. I was comfortable with what I paid for it, plus the set that it comes in, for how fragrant it is. All of the fragrances go really well with one another when it comes to mixing and matching them.

One of my favorites, Very nice scent!!!!

I bought this EO set when I purchased my diffuser, and I really liked the scent of the oils. I felt like they where potent enough to smell, and they don’t smell “off” like some EO do. My favorite combo was the Lavender and Sweet Orange. They smell so nice and I don’t feel like I have to use too many drops, I will use 2-3 drops depending on the mix. After I ran out of my faves I did not order this same set, I very foolishly bought a set which had a larger variety and I was disappointed in the other brand. Definitely didn’t not live up to Pure Aroma’s Lavender and Sweet Orange standards in my personal opinion the scent is not as hard as URPOWER. However I wanted to put it to the test, when the Pure Aroma EO was put to the paper test against URPOWER EO this Pure Aroma (paper on the Right) left behind a slight residue compared to URPOWER (paper on the left) which left none.