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Robot Vacuum - Slim Design

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  • APP + Remote Control No need to babysit the auto robot vacuum cleaner. You can just issue cleaning orders from Alexa & APP & Remote when lying on the sofa. This smart robot vacuum cleaner will executive orders and fix all problems by itself. Easy to Operate, The elderly and children can easily operate. Get Start Your Intelligent life.
  • 1800Pa Powerful Suction + Double Brush With 1800Pa powerful suction, dual-edge brushes, and main rolling brush, the slim robot vacuum picks up almost all kinds of garbage like fine dust, pet hair, etc. IIooIIus robot vacuum automatically increases vacuum, perfect for cleaning different floor types from hard floor to medium pile carpet(0-1.5cm carpet).
  • 110Mins Run Time + Self-Charging This robot vacuum has a built-in 4400mAh lithium battery, cleaning up to 110-120min on a single charge. When the battery is low, it will automatically back to the charging dock on ready for the next cleaning. A larger dustbin allows the vacuum to pick up more dirt and dust. Truly achieve cleanliness without interruption.
  • Slim + Quiet + 3 Stage Filtration System 3 stages filtration complete sealing design and filtration accuracy of PM0.1 which captures 99.97% of the microscopic dust, complete thorough cleaning of your home. The design allows you to clean under furniture such as sofas and beds. there is no blind spot. Using a brushless motor, the noise is less than 55dB, which is quiet for reading and sleeping.

Customer Reviews

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Sturdy box, convenient size.

If you are moving house - especially if you are doing it yourself - then whilst large boxes are great, you may well need smaller boxes, especially for books and crockery. These are a great size, and the inclusion of tape, marker pen and stickers is very useful (word of warning, the glue on the stickers is impossible to remove - don't stick them to anything that might want later to remove them from). The included tea bag made me smile, even though I don't drink tea!I used them each a couple of times, and have now passed them on to a friend for his move.

Sturdy, strong, great value for money

Everytime I've moved I've always just gone to local stores and grabbed used boxes. This time I really wanted thick decent boxes for moving. And these were perfect. Very sturdy thick and can hold quite a fair bit. Very good value for money. I like the handle inserts in the side of the boxes, makes for easier lifting and carrying. Came with a marker pen, fragile tape, fragile stickers which were incredibly helpful for the movers to see rather than doing what I would normally do (writing all over a box "fragile" a million times over!) and Yorkshire teabag which was great for on the day moving. Cannot have a moving day without having a cuppa tea when getting to the new place! Boxes are all still in good condition and so will be passing onto someone else who needs them

Sturdy, perfect size, great value for money �

We are in the process of packing up our house to move, these boxes have been a lifesaver! They’re strong and you can fit a lot in them, some people want boxes which are even bigger but then they would be too heavy to move! Lovely touch from global with the extra goodies....even a much needed tea bag to have a brew in between all the packing. I have bought 3 lots of these now, and when we’ve finished with them, they can be folded flat or donated to someone else on the move.

A very well made banneton!

In my quest to learn to make the perfect sourdough loaf, I realised I needed to buy a banneton if I was ever going to achieve a professional looking finish. This fit the bill perfectly, being a good size and having the addition of a linen cloth liner to stop the dough sticking. I’ve used it both with and without the liner, and it’s actually possible to remove the dough without it sticking if floured enough. It’s well made so should last many years. It came with the added bonus of a plastic dough scraper - an invaluable tool when using high hydration dough.

Good quality strong boxes, fast delivery, but buy decent scotch tape

Super strong good quality boxes, perfect for moving with heavy items such as books. My only complaint is that the scotch tape that was included in the package was of such poor quality, it was unusable and went straight into the bin. I wish the seller did not bother enclosing scotch tape as it mislead me into thinking, on the last day before moving, that I did not need to buy any more tape. I ended up moving with open boxes.