Simple Baby Stroller Hacks To Make Life Easier For All Parents!

Simple Baby Stroller Hacks To Make Life Easier For All Parents!

Every household that has a child has a baby stroller. It's a quintessential parenting tool that you need. Baby strollers make parents' lives more accessible, and their functionality offers parents everywhere the convenience they need. We here at Luxe Lifestyle Club specialize in selling baby stroller with protective covers that provide fantastic versatility for parents. 

Because of our experience in working with parents, we've had to learn all the tricks of the trade to offer value to our audience. That's why we know all the hacks you need to know to make your stroller even more functional than it is. So we thought we should let you know the simple baby stroller hacks that you need to know about, so let's begin!

Using Stickers

Whether you have a stroller with a protective rain cover or one with other features, you can easily forget the plenty of different functionalities it has. So using stickers for instructions on which does what helps everyone who would want to take your little bundle of joy out for a stroll in the park. 

Using Corral Containers In Shoe Organizers

You can use one or two hanging shoe organizers to keep bottles or sippy cups because they won't fit on the organizer. All you need to do is put some adhesive velcro on the back and stick it to the inside part of the undercarriage storage basket on whichever side of the undercarriage basket is closest to you.

Utilizing Grip Trip

Grips are the most used part of baby strollers, and they can wear out. So whenever it does, you can use tennis racket grip tape to wrap around your handles. These are tapes that will provide you with a good, comfortable grip, and it's available in a lot of different colors so you can even match your style to boot.

Using Carabiners

Whenever you are going out grocery shopping with your child, you need to make sure your baby stroller has a UV protective stroller cover to help protect your child. However, there's another thing you can take to make your life easier. You can use large, heavy-duty climbing carabiners on the handlebar so that you can shop hands-free. The baby stroller will be your butler or partner and carry multiple bags for you. You can even use carabiners to clip utility tote to hold everything in.

Ankle Weights Keep The Stroller Upright

When you take your child out for some shopping, then one of the best ways to keep from tipping over with the extra weight is to use ankle weights. You can wrap the weights around the stroller's legs, and that will keep it centered. 

Using A Comfort Cushion

Along with getting a baby stroller with a universal rain and UV cover, you should also get a cooling pad for your kid to sit or lay against on the seat during the warmer months.

Battery Operated Fan

During the summer months, heat can be devastating to your baby, even if it's not sweltering outside. So attaching a small, battery-operated fan to keep your baby cool is an incredible hack you need to check out!

Utilizing Zip Ties For Traction

During the winter months, floors can get slippery. You can use zip ties around the stroller's wheels, and it will increase traction on any slippery surface. If you are someone who is a walker, jogger, or runner who braves the cold, then the zip tie hack is perfect for you.

Using Head Support Bands

Using a head support band to keep your baby's head in place when they fall asleep will ensure the head doesn't flop forward. You can easily find one online or make one yourself, and you can even use it on car seats as well. 

Extending Stroller Handles

Extending Stroller Handles - Luxe Lifestyle

If you are finding it hard to use your baby stroller's handles because it's too small, then there's a hack for that as well. You can use PVC pipe and some other supplies to build an extender. Or, if you aren't a DIY type of person, you can even buy stroller handle extenders online. 

Using Binder Clips + Blanket

If you have a baby stroller with a universal cover that doesn't cater to your needs, then you can extend it using blinders and blankets. Make sure you use a thin, breathable blanket like a light-colored muslin blanket. You can put the blanket over the canopy to extend the cover and then use binder clips to hold them in place.

Securing Your Stroller In The Car

When packing your baby stroller, make sure you pack it upright by wrapping a bungee cord around your backseat headrest. It will save up a lot of space in the trunk and will let you get in a lot more things. You can also keep shower caps in your trunk or put a cheap plastic bin to put your stroller keep shower caps in your trunk or put a cheap plastic bin to put your stroller in. That will make sure your car doesn't get dirty from the dirt on the stroller's wheels.

Hang Up The Stroller In The Garage

If you use hooks on your garage door, you can save up much space in the garage by simply hanging it up on the door that leads to your house. 

Bike Locks

Flexible bike locks are perfect if you are looking to add some extra security. Now you won't have to worry about your baby stroller when you leave it unattended in a public place. 

Using Reflective Safe

Before you go on your nighttime walks with your child, make sure you put some reflective tape on it to make it more visible at night.

Weather Shields

If you have a baby stroller that doesn't have a rain cover, then getting a windshield will make your rainy day errands that much easier. Getting a weather shield will help you protect your little one from rain, wind, and snow while still providing advanced ventilation. However, we suggest you get a baby stroller with a universal protective cover. 

Simplifying Snacking & Sipping

Whenever it's snack time, you usually bend down and bring it up, and getting the sippy cup ten times a day can be exhausting. If you don't want to bend over several times in a 15-minute walk, then we suggest you get a cup strap and stroller snack tray. Getting a cup stroll will ensure the cups don't roll away or land face down in the dirt even when your toddler throws it out.

Using Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are fantastic for padding. Take a pool noodle and cut it according to the car seat's handle's size. Then slit it down the middle and wrap it around the handle of your car seat. While it won't bring down the weight, it will make getting it out and putting it in will be a breeze.

Use Dish Soap To Clean Your Stroller

All you need to keep your stroller clean is to use simple dish soap, warm water, and a sponge, and if you have a toddler at home, you can tell them that it's their very own car wash. 

Finding The Right Stroller

So there you go, those are the simple hacks you can do with your stroller. However, all that comes to naught if you don't have the right baby stroller for your household. Make sure you choose a stroller with a protective rain cover that also protects you from UV. So make sure you get one that offers all the functionality you need. We here at the Luxe Lifestyle Club have one of the best collections of baby strollers in the market. So if you need one, make sure to check us out. And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. If you want to know more about health and wellness products that can help you, then please contact us, and we will help you out. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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