4 Best Baby Monitors & Why Do You Need Them!

4 Best Baby Monitors & Why Do You Need Them!

Ran out of baby milk? Need to rush to the store but worrying about leaving your baby all alone in the house? Never matter! Smart baby monitors are your ultimate solution. But how can a baby monitor take care of your peachie pumpkin? To make you understand the importance of buying the best baby monitor, we are here to talk about all the beneficial aspects followed by some of our awesome recommendations.

Let’s get ready to learn what all the buzz about baby monitors is about!

Keep tabs on your baby’s breathing

We don’t want to scare new parents, but it’s true that while a sleeping baby equals peace and tranquility, it has a dark side. If your baby is lying still without movement for a long time, this can freak you out. That’s why the smart devices come with a respiration monitoring machine that tracks your baby’s respirations per minute (RPM) in real-time and gives the data instantly. So, there’s no extra fuss about going to their room and ensuring that your kiddo has no trouble breathing. Just turn on the baby monitor, and you will be able to see every detail!

High-quality audio and visual

The best thing about these baby monitors is that they come in high-quality visual audio to relieve you of stress and anxiety. You can promptly check if they are in need of help, have woken up from sleep, or need food. These live video and audio streaming can let you see each and every movement or sound your baby makes. The videos and audios can be stored in cloud storage and can be replayed when you need them. You can set these cameras in the corner of your baby’s room with the camera facing your baby. That way, you will be able to keep track of every inch of the room. We suggest you go for a 360 rotational camera baby monitor to check every nook and cranny of the room.

You can talk to your baby via the monitor

Suppose you are in your office, away from your baby, and it needs you around even though people are there to take care of it. What will you do? You can’t leave the work because it’s urgent and your boss is an asshole! Now, what? To solve this problem, baby monitors have a convenient setting built just for you. You can talk to them through the speaker and soothe them or calm them with your voice. Hearing your voice on the monitor can help them feel close by, which will help them relax. You can even turn on lullaby or white noise mode to help them enjoy the sounds of nature. 

The monitor provides overall sleep data

Some smart monitors can track your baby’s sleep patterns by taking pictures daily. These devices have specs that take your baby’s photos every day and combine all the images to make detailed info for you. They also track how much sleep your baby is having each night and make sure they are well-rested. The device also captures the room’s temperature and humidity which will help you understand if your baby is sleeping comfortably. You don’t need to switch from one device to another to get different reports because all the necessary tools are present in the baby monitor.

Top Baby Monitors

Infant Optics Baby Monitor

Infant Optics baby monitor is loaded with premium features like Pan, Tilt, Digital Zoom, and Interchangeable lens. You can zoom in and out, change the angle of the lens, and what not? Worried about your baby’s safety and privacy? With monitors like Infant Optics, you can take a breather! The audio and video are transmitted through a secure channel with Fhss technology. The technology makes sure that no data is shared through the internet at all. Dxr-8 is simply the best in the market; it didn’t earn the title Babylist Best Baby Monitors of 2020 just like that!

Vava Baby Monitor

Want clearer pictures and videos of your baby? We introduce you to the Vava Baby monitor with a large 5” display and 720p resolution. The monitor boasts full color by day and provides infrared images at night to give you the clearest shots even in the dead of night. In addition, the LED noise indicators keep you updated on your baby’s movement and noises. The 4500mAh battery lasts up to 12hrs in display mode, 24hrs with the display turned off for full-day monitoring of your baby. It’s easy to install and operate. That’s why most parents love using this baby monitor.

GoodBaby Wireless Baby Monitor

GoodBaby Wireless Baby Monitor

Goodbaby’s wireless baby monitor provides HD image, video, and audio without any glitches, grainy effects, or sound distortions. Their baby monitor provides you with crystal clear real-time video and audio of your unattended baby. It also has night-time vision which lets you view your baby clearly. Take your screen upstairs or in the kitchen, and you will still be able to track your baby’s movement, thanks to the vast network coverage. You can even talk to your baby using the advanced inbuilt microphone and a good quality speaker. This allows your baby to relax even more. The temperature display is quite handy and lets you know if your baby is comfortable or not.

Vtech Baby Monitor

Want a less complicated baby monitor? Vtech has got your back! The baby monitor provides clear audio transmission while eliminating annoying background noise and allows you to move around the house. This particular baby monitor doesn’t take fancy videos or images but allows you to talk to your baby whenever you feel like it. The light it emits is soothing, not too high, not too dim, and therefore, you can see everything clearly. It can cover up to 1000 feet range which a huge thumbs up!

All the pros and great baby monitors at your convenience! Trust us, you can’t go wrong with these baby monitors as they have many unique features and settings to offer. Liked these monitors? Hop over at Luxe Lifestyle Club to pick your favorite one.

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