Amazing Health Benefits Of Essential Oils You Should Know!!

Amazing Health Benefits Of Essential Oils You Should Know!!

Aromatherapy essential oils are no longer only a spa thing! They are an absolute favorite amongst users. Essential oils hit big in the business as beauty and cleaning industries embraced the idea of incorporating them into their products. Why the concept of essential oils expanded that much? It’s because the oil is derived from natural fruits, leaves, and flowers. And natural products have always been the apples of consumers’ eyes, so they gain massive exposure. You can now use these oils in aromatherapy oil diffusers to make your home smell heavenly and soothing.

However, a normal question that arises in minds is that are the useful properties legit or just a gimmick? Various researches and studies have proved that A-grade essential oils of fruits, leaves, and flowers like lavender, mint, orange, eucalyptus, etc., can do wonders for health. Today, let’s discuss all the benefits of this magical oil.

1. Help reduce anxiety

If you experience bouts of anxiety and depression, lavender and orange essential oils can be of great help. And it’s not just a theory. Many studies support that using sweet orange and lavender oils can actually reduce signs of anxiety, calms the mind, and induce sleep. If you want to feel more awake and zesty, put a few drops of orange essential oils in the portable essential oil diffuser, and you will notice a difference. Keep in mind that orange essential oils have a slightly acidic pH, and therefore rubbing it on the skin can sting a little. Therefore it’s best to use it with a diffuser only. Not feeling sleepy? Use a couple of drops of lavender oils with your favorite lotion or body cream and massage it. The smooth and refreshing scent will lull you to sleep.

2. They can cure headaches and runny nose

Some studies have also suggested that peppermint essential oils are great headache relievers. One study has also found that peppermint oil has the same effect on pain reduction as acetaminophen (painkiller). Another great headache reliever is eucalyptus essential oil. Not only does it reduce headache, but it’s also great to fight off symptoms of cold n flu, for example, runny nose. One tip for using the oil is to pour the liquid onto a clean napkin and sniff. This helps to stop runny nose. If you have a blocked nose, using peppermint oil the same way can open the blocked nasal passage.

3. They can increase your focus

Experiencing brain-fog? Need something stronger than coffee to increase your focus? Peppermint essential oil is your hero here again! It acts as an excellent brain stimulator when you need a little pick-me-up! Now, you know why peppermint flavors are used in toothpaste usually. The moment you wake up, add some of the oil to your diffuser for a burst of energy early in the morning. Another great way of using peppermint essential oils is to use them when you are doing your morning meditation or workouts. Studies found that those who used peppermint oil were able to be more focused on workouts.

4. They can alleviate nauseousness

It’s a pretty unique benefit, but lemon is good for combating nausea feeling and vomit. So if you tend to feel nauseous most of the time, keeping a bottle of lemon essential oil can help the situation. The lemon essential oil shows excellent results on pregnant women as well by preventing morning sickness or nauseousness. A must-have item for pregnant women; however, do consult the doctor to know the correct amount.

5. They are excellent bug repellants

Keep babies, pets, and adults safe from pesky bugs and mosquitoes. Using chemically processed repellant products can be very poisonous for health if overused. Therefore the best option will be using a natural ingredient. Introducing lemongrass! No, you don’t have to get yourself a lemongrass plant to ward off the bugs. Only buying a bottle of good-quality lemongrass essential oil is enough to do the job. Rub it on your skin or use it with a diffuser; the choice is yours. Regular usage has proven to lessen fleas and mosquito count. Now, that’s a saying something!

So, you have a set of essential oils at home? Great! Now, you need a good diffuser to help you achieve the best result. Take a look at some of our recommendations.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear diffuser has 8 color modes for creating the perfect ambiance. You can turn them on during meditation or use them as a night light. The diffuser expels a burst of the essential oil’s refreshing scent and allows one to sleep peacefully. You don’t need to shut this thing off even if it runs out of water; its automatic mechanism can shut itself off. The diffuser doesn’t overheat so, you need not worry about it.

Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser 

Anjou oil diffuser is designed with a patented oil flow system that diffuses the oil evenly into the air to keep your home scent fresh. You don’t need to add essential oil continuously; the oil flow system makes sure the fragrance lasts long. The ultrasonic diffuser has noise reduction technology which means it makes absolutely no sound while doing its job. You can switch it on and sleep without being disturbed. The diffuser comes with 2 mist outputs, with the highest setting being 60ml/h and the lowest being 30ml/h. 

Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser (500 ML)

Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser (500 ML)

This one’s another ace creation from Anjou. Designed based on the principle of hydrokinetics, it operates below 30dB, which means it won’t disturb you during sleep with bombastic noises. It works without making noises while staying on. While it does its job, it automatically shuts off 5 seconds after it runs out of water. Therefore you have nothing to worry about and enjoy your peaceful sleep. The one-fill technology requires you to fill the cup only once, and that can last up to 11-15 hours.


The most surprising thing about these little bottles of goodness is that they are very affordable and comes in sets. You can give an essential oil gift set to someone you love or can buy for yourself. So many uses and benefits in so much affordable price it’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

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